Affectionately called “Chen Mommy,” Lin Hsiang Chen , founder of Chen Mommy Kitchen since 2011, is a mother of three with three daughters-in-law.  She fully understands just how tiring it is for mothers who have recently given birth and how inconvenient it can be for them to prepare meals while sitting the month. Chen Mommy also knows that many Chinese moms living in the United States don’t know how to prepare the soups and dishes needed for this important recovery period. That is why she started Chen Mommy Kitchen.


Chen Mommy believes that food preparation should be sanitary and professional and that her meals should be nutritious. She also believes in taking good care of every new mother, helping each to replenish her body and get ample rest during this exhausting period. Chen Mommy knows that new mothers need balanced nourishment, so they can sit the month at home with ease and be healthy and beautiful their entire lives. Thus she works hand-in-hand with mommies during this precious period of recuperation.

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