Effects of Foods & Herbs Used in Chinese Medicine

● Sealwort

Helps to enrich the blood and loosen mucus. For women who have just given birth, sealwort helps to nourish and strengthen the bones and muscles.


● Rehmannia Root

An important Chinese herbal medicine that enriches the blood, helps to improve vision and hearing, and benefits the five organs (heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys).


● Saline Cistanche

Nourishes the kidneys, moistens the respiratory tract, loosens the bowels, eases constipation. It also has the effect of nourishing the blood.


● Bark of Eucommia

Strengthens the bones and muscles and nourishes the liver and kidneys. It can also be used to treat pain in the kneecap.


● The Tuber of Multiflower Knotweed

Somewhat bitter and astringent in taste, this herbal medicine serves to nourish and nurse the body back to health. It has a remarkable effect in treating lower back pain, in nourishing the liver and in replenishing Qi and blood. It can also strengthen the liver’s ability to release toxins from the body.


● Goji Berries (The Fruit of Chinese Wolfberry)

These berries are rich in vitamin A, also found in carrots. In addition, goji berries are rich in amino acids, which are necessary for the body, and restore the body’s health. Goji berries can replace tea in stemming medical conditions characterized by thirst, hunger, frequent urination and weight loss. It also aids in ridding the body of tuberculous (consumption), nourishing the kidneys and lungs, and helping the liver.


● Lotus Leaf

Enriches the blood and loosens mucus. For women recuperating after childbirth, lotus leaf helps provide the body with nutrition and strengthens muscles and bones. According to Chinese medicine, it also alleviates summer heat, clears internal heat and aids the stomach and intestines. Lotus leaf can also eliminate edema.


● Red Dates

Containing many vitamins and minerals, red dates repair the spleen and help the kidneys of women after they’ve given birth. They also improve symptoms related to insufficient levels of Qi and blood, as well as depletion of the spleen.


● Longan

This fruit mostly helps to treat diseases in five organs — the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys. It also stimulates the appetite. The fruit’s meat helps nourish the blood and also has a calming effect. Longan nourishes the body and improves weakness of Qi and blood for women after they give birth.


● Carp

This fish is rich in protein, iron and calcium, and can help improve lactation. For breastfeeding mothers worried that pig’s feet and peanuts are too high in calories, soup made from carp is a substitute worth trying.


● Gingko

In cooked foods, it warms the lungs and aids Qi.


● Walnuts

Loosens mucus, builds up the kidneys, enriches the blood and aids the stomach.



Replenishing Qi

Milk vetch , ginseng, baizhu (Atractylodes Macrocephaia), mushrooms, licorice root, Chinese yam, red dates, Chinese pearl barley (Job’s Tears).


Replenishing Blood

Female ginseng, the tuber of multiflower knotweed, sealwort, goji berries, longan.


Replenishing Yin

Angular Solomon’s seal, Chinese foxglove, Chinese caterpillar fungus.


Replenishing Blood

Soup cooked with four Chinese medicinal herbs (four-substance decoction), soup cooked with eight Chinese medicinal herbs (eight-treasure decoction), restorative soup cooked with 10 Chinese medicinal herbs.


Milk vetch, also known as “small ginseng,” and female ginseng can help improve symptoms of hands and feet feeling cold after childbirth. Milk vetch, with its rich and mellow flavor, is the best Chinese herbal medicine for replenishing Qi and can also be used to make a soup stock for this purpose.


● Red Dates

Replenishes and aids Qi and is often used as a medicine for this purpose.


● Chinese Yam

Replenishes Qi, makes the stomach healthy, helps the kidneys, benefits the spleen and lungs.


● Burdock

Treats dry mouth and tongue, expels “heat” from the body and eases anxiety and depression.


● Chestnut

Heals the stomach and Qi, strengthens muscles and bones, promotes blood circulation.


● Lotus Seed

Relaxes the nerves, replenishes and benefits Qi, supports vitality and vigor.


● Lotus Root

Helps break up internal blood clots, eliminates “heat” from the body, helps repair stomach.


● Purple Glutinous Rice

Contains Vitamin-B complex, strengthens the spleen, warms the stomach, replenishes blood, repairs the kidneys.


● Red Yeast

Antioxidant that helps prevent cancer. Also strengthens the immune system.


● Red (Adzuki) Beans

Diuretic that promotes circulation and increases breast milk secretions.

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