Some mothers who sit the month might be able to have their special diet cooked for them in their kitchen. For others, though, it’s inconvenient to go to a store that sells Chinese medicinal herbs and prepare meals themselves. That is why we have introduced Chen Mommy Kitchen’s exquisitely prepared soups.


Six Bowls of Soup Every Day for Sitting the Month


One bowl that must be eaten while sitting the month.

(pork liver cooked with shredded ginger, pork kidneys cooked in sesame oil with Eucommia tree bark, a Chinese medicinal herb)


One bowl made from fresh fish (primarily Bass) that nourishes the body and helps maintain good health.


One bowl made with Chinese medicinal herbs that enriches the blood and supplies Qi.


Two bowls of delicious dessert that provides nourishment.


One bowl of a nourishing beverage.

Exquisitely Prepared Food For Maintaining Your Health

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