Combining concepts and methods that are both refined and diverse in the tradition of sitting the month, Chen Mommy provides mothers with nutritional food that rebuilds their health step by step. To give mothers high-quality meals they can enjoy, Chen Mommy has conducted her own research and development and has come up with new ideas that upend past notions of what it means to sit the month.


Chen Mommy selects fresh ingredients — never frozen — and uses pure traditional rice wine and ginger imported from Taiwan. She also uses pure sesame oil and bitter tea oil, never adding any MSG. Everything is made fresh each morning and is delivered the same day to your doorstep.


Women have three opportunities in their lives to improve their body’s health: at the first menstruation, after childbirth and during menopause. During these three periods, the function of hormones undergo certain changes. Among them, the body’s biggest transformation — and the most important one — occurs after a woman has a child. Consequently, mothers should seize the opportunity to sit the month and not squander the chance to restore their body’s health. As long as you sit the month well, your body will experience a world of difference. Let Chen Mommy Kitchen’s home delivery help you during this time to eliminate some of your burdens while sitting the month!



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